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Thank You

"Mom, do you want to look prettier. This face mask will help your skin glow. Can I apply it?" Thank you

For the pain in my left heel. The Plantar Fascitus has returned, been almost 25 years since I first met it. Glad for the reminder it will mend eventually and that I am still walking. Thank you

The morning dark. My favorite time of day as this is where I meet myself. Along with the bird calls, meditation and reflection through writing. Thank you

For the dirty dishes, overloading the sink. A real sign that we have eaten and chosen not to clean. Thank you

For the countless email blasts that land in my account overnight. There are people out there from all walks of life in my world seeking connection both personally and professionally. Thank you

The "talking back" and general defiance being exhibited in my home. This new wave of constant negotiation around all things practical. Only with me can they exercise their autonomy and frustrations, to push boundaries. OMG! Thank you

For my yearning and dreams of romantic. To believe that someday my partner will arrive to share in all the magic we can generate together. Thank you

For all of the confusing, lovely, irritating, hilarious, challenging, wonderful, frustrating, leveling, blaming and emotional truth only family can bring to the table. To sit back and watch all these significant players in my life unravel, rejoice, spiral, celebrate, pretend, fail, triumph and pull themselves back together. LOVE is so simple and so messy. It is all that matters. Thank you

Technology. Zoom meetings. I now have the world on my lap. I am being influenced and educated globally, this worldly perspective through talking beings on screen has made everything thinkable available. I never imagined such connection. I am growing virtually. Thank you

We no longer shop for clothes and stuff, not even online. I think this was an active ritual five weeks ago as packages were delivered often to our door. We are paying attention. Nonsense buying is no longer a past time we desire. Thank you

Nature. Wow. She is really abundant. Spring is here. The transformation is fantastic. Present. Nurturing. I have more time in my day to appreciate. To feel her presence. I recognize a protective piece, it is mutual. It may only be in my head, but it cultivates a responsibility I like carrying. Thank you

The financial break without savings. The great PAUSE of revenue. This intense reality is showing me the meaninglessness of stuff. As well as the bogus systems in place we think are supposed to help us in times of crisis. If I have one more insurance carrier reach out to me for a premium due, I may just throw my phone in the toilet. Thank you

For not knowing. This has relieved me of the worry burden. Of course it is a daily practice to not jump ahead, seriously mandatory. The weightlessness is unbelievable. It allows me the space to be creative and to experience joy. I am gifted with a stronger presence that generates delight and hope. NOW is all that matters. It is all I need. Thank you

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