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The Man I Didn't Know

Meighan Leibert, Author

...Ignoring my past didn’t make the pain go away. Thirty-two years after my dad’s death, I revisit what I chose to forget. This tale of remembering incorporates my experience as a single parent and finding courage to follow my heart. Discovering him as a man, husband, colleague, and friend led me to uncover truths about myself. I hoped to solve the mystery behind his drinking, and what I found changed everything I thought I knew. This is a story about connection. 


Meet  Meighan


Meighan Leibert lives in Northern California with her son and daughter and their two dogs. She is a writer, painter, yoga instructor, personal life coach, astrologer, and HR manager for her family businesses in San Francisco: Pier 23 Cafe and Sweetie’s Art Bar. Proud daughter to pioneers Flicka McGurrin and Michael Leibert, she is raising her children to be confident and daring. There's more about Meighan at

The Blurbs

  • “Meighan Leibert's memoir, centered on the early death of her dashing, distant father, is an unflinching journey of forgiveness, love and acceptance. She is an inspiration to those of us who'd rather run away. Leibert tells her sometimes heavy true-life tale with a light, healing touch; we watch her bloom over the short course of pages interspersed with her grandmother's strong poetry.”

Christina Gray


  • “Leibert’s gift as a storyteller shines through each page as raw and poignant moments of self-discovery reveal deeper truths about love, loss, and family. Intimate and compelling, it uncovers both the vulnerability and strength found on one woman’s journey of healing and reclamation.”

Lisa DeAngelis

Author of Embracing the Unknown: Exploring the Pathways to Change

  • “Grief can leave us with a million unanswered questions. In this exquisite book, Meighan bravely dives into psychic ripples born from losing her father at a young age. Her journey is stumbling, surprising, heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful. Whether you’re a survivor or a seeker, you will be moved and inspired.”

M. Rolin-Fox


  • “The Man I Didn't Know is a captivating memoir based in the Bay Area that is both heart-wrenching and heart warming. New author Meighan Leibert's difficult journey as a daughter, wife and single mother is a brutally honest self-examination rooted in her theatrically acclaimed father's failure to be the dad she needed. Any parent can relate to the frightful family challenges Meighan faces and ultimately conquers. But few would be so candid.”

Ward Bushee

Retired Editor, San Francisco Chronicle

  • “We’re all born into a mystery: who are we and why? Sometimes the answers involve so much grief we’re scared of learning the truth. In this open-hearted memoir, The Man I Didn’t Know, the author takes readers on an intimate sojourn of self-discovery, moving through a crucible of loss and pain and fear to arrive, triumphant, into a fresh life filled with grace and serenity. It's a trip I highly recommend taking. We all can learn something from Meighan Leibert’s experience—and her unflinching honesty.”

Eddie Muller

Author and Cinema Historian

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