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These last few years have been some of the most trying ones of my life. Coming from a tumultuous, traumatic background, that is a pretty weighted statement. Deaths, moves, a recent bipolar diagnosis, and the uncertain chaos of our world had left me feeling quite broken and lost. Already in therapy, I’d never considered engaging a life coach, but I was open to whatever/whoever might inspire me to keep going and, hopefully, discovering a healthier way to cope and even thrive.

Immediately, I found Meighan to be kind, empathetic and available. Moving past the fragile, vulnerable place I had been living in happened surprisingly fast with her. She truly listened to me and, during some of our sessions, Meighan simply sat with me in my moments of pain or confusion or utter exasperation. Not only did Meighan help me process a plethora of my past issues, she became my steadfast warrior as I faced new dilemmas. She heard me and supported me in a way that family and friends couldn’t, i.e. without the baggage and complicated relationship dynamics that already existed. She and I could be so absolutely candid with each other. Meighan encouraged me to feel my feelings while exploring unknown pathways. She reminded me of the bravery I possessed that had brought me this far—a huge step in moving past my familiar self-doubt and occasional self-loathing. Even more importantly, Meighan helped me to believe that living a joyous, remarkable life was still possible and that I deserved it.

I am beyond grateful that I found Meighan. The time we have spent together has been transformative and precious. I consider her to be a pillar in the future I am building.

M. Rolin-Fox

New York City, NY
Traveler-Artist-Caregiver-Animal Lover 

The work I did with Meighan enabled me to recognize my core values as an individual and use that clarification for designing my actions. Her methodology is simple and very nurturing. Meighan helped me recognize my strengths and encouraged me to embody them. We created a space for exploration. Feeling into my negative emotions was a key to empowerment. Being with them lessened my fear. The seeds I planted in this process continue to grow and grow so it would be hard to estimate the value. I recommend this work to anyone who wants to recalibrate their compass towards living a more meaningful life.

John Isaac Whitaker
Berkeley, California
Artist-Dad-Wim Hof Method Instructor-Volunteer Gardener

In the time I've been working with Meighan, she continues to impress me with her wisdom and insight.  I love when she says the words "this is what I hear", after I've spent a few minutes dumping my confusion on her, because I know she has really listened to me and is about to give me the clarity I need and some new, wonderful, sometimes even silly, ideas for ways to move forward.  (Sometimes silliness is needed in my life, and she's great at knowing when that is.)  What she hears is always what I'm saying, even if I don't know it yet.

Ellen S.

Larkspur, California

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