I have a sincere passion for self-expression and sharing ideas. Curiosity compels me toward risk, which forever sparks my adaptability and dares me to grow. My willingness "to go for it" has taken me all over the world.

I  received my certification through Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) in May 2021. I know people are "Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole" providing a personal (designed specific) well of knowledge to enhance growth. I offer a brave space, nurturing and safe, to cultivate conditions for self-discovery. My service is to support you, wholly, in the moment. Our relationship is dedicated to learning with great capacity, we will explore together to encourage and evoke transformation. 

Through deep listening, being curious, naming values and answering powerful questions we will uncover what is true for you.

For years I was hiding in plain sight. Functioning on the outside and lifeless on the inside. I became a master at pretending that I was happy, satisfied and interested. Faking it was a slow death of unbecoming. I lost touch with my inner voice and spent most of my waking hours future tripping.


Six years ago that changed. Two divorces, two fantastic kids, a very special dog and 20 years of dedicated yoga exploration has brought me here. It has been messy, still is sometimes, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Being with others, working deep and growing honest together is what I know. 


Acknowledging possibility creates great pivot, especially when I am in a rut. Listening to my gut and choosing ME can feel scary, mainly because I resisted it for so long. Understanding myself and activating my values in everything I generate has made a huge impact on my life. 


I used to think I could DO myself forward while ignoring my pain.  That was a vicious cycle that got me really disconnected. So stuck and so tired of the repeated lessons to let go and accept. My life opened up when I finally decided to step out of my story and simply changed my mind. My strength is rooted in my being, it enables me to soar. I am capable. I am sturdy. I am durable.  My courage is forged in the fires of challenge. BEING me is way more rewarding. I decided to TRUST myself (no longer think someone else had the answers), BELIEVE now (stop dwelling in the past or swimming in fantasy) and INITIATE quality (cultivate awareness through acceptance).  

It took me a while to get here. I had tremendous teachings along the way. The hard stuff helped me grow.  Today is an opportunity for me to create and explore. I am a gentle guide, an intuitive mother, a fierce protector of family, an intentional writer, a sensitive painter, an imaginative cook, a safe companion, a loner at heart and a brave soul. I am forever changing and growing. 

I am living my adventure as it shows up. I move when the wind fills my sails and relax when it chooses not to blow. 

Flexibility is key.


Feeling safe is not bound to my familiar, it is woven into the wings I use to fly.