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How I Got Here

For years I was hiding in plain sight. Functioning on the outside and lifeless within; going through the motions. A master at pretending, I found myself living a life I didn't want, convinced it would make me happy. 

In 2015, I walked away from everything I thought I wanted and committed myself to change. Two fantastic kids, a very special dog and 20 years of dedicated yoga practice came with me. Taking responsibility for all of my choices broke me out of my victim attitude.


And I didn't do it alone.

A certified Co-Active coach held my hand along the way. Discovering my values helped me design a life filled with meaning. And in May 2021, ​I received my certification through the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI).  ​

I used to think I could DO myself forward while ignoring my pain. Feeling disconnected had me thinking I was broken.

Stepping out of the story that kept me small, set me free.  I actively changed my mind and discovered a better way.

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