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Beauty is a responsibility.

Beauty is not necessarily easy.

GOOGLE Definitions:

A combination of qualities, such as shape color or form, that please the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

True Beauty is the state of being authentic and sincere in a way that extends love to yourself and others. It feels real, safe, alive, playful, flowing, authentic, life-giving.

I am in a place where I am not sure I can trust what I see with my eyes. Maybe I am talking about my limitations of sight. My deeper knowing comes from within, best to rely on my body response. Just because it looks good does not make it so. When our chiropractor adjusts my son or daughter, I watch him rely on his touch, perhaps even calling upon a sixth sense. His focus and attention emanate from his body. Perhaps he is seeing alignment with his heart. I believe this is possible. I remember my fencing instructor from 4th grade doing the same, he felt the foils for proper position and could direct my stance from this place as well. I was amazed.

Where does unique live? How do we honor it? Our magnificence is original, made from us. As a mom, in today's world, I am exploring the idea that all our differences are our gifts to the world. And I want to know why we are not taught to grow them wild? What I remember from my own teendom is wanting to be cool. If I was brave enough to offer up different I was also seeking appreciation. I had alot invested in my appearance, how others perceived me was a big deal. My life is comprised of moments where I made a mark while being a wreck underneath, some were delights many were not. It has taken me, what feels like a lifetime, to know that what I bring to the table can sprout into something quite mesmerizing and valuable. And if it doesn't, I don't give up, I will ineveitably plant another seed beacause this is my nature. I make stuff happen,change things up, invite others to participate and we expand together. This rhythm is familiar. I just never truly appreciated it before now. The wonkiness underneath still exists, that fluttering queasy that bubbles up inside. I read it now as a positive sign, it represents an edge of possibility. It is filled with more excitement than fear. It is a place of wonder. This is important. This observation is fueling my familial triad now, we are all involved in this fantastic swirl of being. It is a combined effort. There needs to be room to receive the expression and courage to bring it forward. We are rising awareness, which feels powerful, individually and collectively.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have heard this all my life. When I think about it now, there is a part of me that wholeheartedly agrees. As I recall this moss covered tree, I remember feeling connection, overcome with all the stories these beautiful limbs hold, mesmerized by her history and experience. Majestic. Weathered. Gnarled. Patient. Strong. Rooted. Alive. Here I am, being in good company. Drinking in her wisdom, through my skin, the experience is magnificent. And it becomes more than what my eyes can register, my whole body beholds the beauty, it is an understanding of worth. She opens me up to respect. I am delivered a sense of responsibility: care for that which you love...and if you do not know how, learn.

Beauty comes from within. I was told recently that beauty stems from my relationship with self: am I gentle, kind, considerate, thoughtful, generous, open, invested, nurturing? This I like, much. I just initiated a home yoga practice (barely). Let me start with this truth: I PREFER to go to class and be guided verbally by my teacher. Pandemic reality is forcing me to figure out new ways to create what I want. I was happily influenced by a conversation with a friend and we were liberal with our guidelines in our effort to inspire success. The general idea is for us to both come up with a yoga sequence that heals and strengthens. We will not subscribe to a generic protocol, we will design specific for our individual needs. Knowing what benefits me is key. What I have come to realize is the postures I do not like doing are the ones that will serve me most. This I most definitely have heard before. We also agreed to hold our postures for as long as we could, realistically, to build our strength/ability reasonably. Straining is stressful. Our thinking was to thwart burnout or giveup. I am on Day 3 and I am developing flavorful insight. My thoughts yesterday, in the midst of a plank hold, were wide open with encouragement. My body was enjoying the attention, I wasn't practicing with my head telling me I had to be better. I was using intuition to guide me. This was inspiring freedom, a true choice in every movement. This morning my body feels different, just a smidge, and enough for me to notice. This sensation, this physical recognition, is internal and I am using it to carry me through meditation. Feeling my insides. It is a refresher to the decades I was consumed by focusing on my outsides.`I can sense the swell of self-reliance.

The best part about a home practice? I can add postures I LOVE whenever I want!

I am beautiful.


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