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grapes and figs, picked fresh from our garden

Abundance comes in all forms, the exercise is willingness to recognize these gifts as they appear. Practice, I promise you will be better for it. Challenge your desire to stay put and branch out. Sometimes, being turned upside down and inside out is eggzackly what you need ;-).

My son returned home from Parkour class last night (dinner was ready) and he had a serious desire to WORK in the garden. He wanted to move brick, create foundation, rake leaves and feel his way through our home oasis . So, I put dinner on hold and proceeded to pick ripe fruit and entertain myself in patience while he exercised his momentary passion. "Mom, I cannot explain it. I need to do this. I want to do this." I smiled and thought to myself, "YES".

Slowing down with appreciation could be a remedy of sorts. We all know how driven we can get and overwhelmed with our attachment to certain outcomes. Yesterday afternoon was a wonderful testament to the bounty of life, moment to moment. UNPLANNED. We filled our afternoon/evening with friends, good food, laughter, talk of mini-vacation, dessert smoothies and satisfying slumber.

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