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Where do you exercise your happiness? How do you feel it? Do you seek it out?

Morning swim in Monterey Bay. The layers of grey and the calm of the water are enough invitation. The chill is enlivened by my sense of commitment and there is a secret knowing that once I am IN, I will feel warmer. A rhythm of action: reaching to lengthen and moving to travel. My heart rate accelerates.

Momentary bliss. Feeling NOW. It is powerful and necessary.

When I step out of the water, I am bright red with chill and delighted with the sensation of tingling all over. Let's call that life force energy, pulsing throughout. My fingers are cramped with cold and it is a feat of ridiculous trying to manage towel and clothes. Giggles bubble up and silliness pervades.

Leap often into the realm of opportunity and resist the inclination that tomorrow will come.


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