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My infrared sauna caught fire this morning at 5am. It was my Wim Hof breathing and meditation sanctuary. I turned it on at 4am and when I opened the door an hour later the interior was filled with SMOKE. I aired it out and began to investigate. I decided to throw water on the singed edges of a panel, then stepped outside to find flames climbing the exterior walls. It was pitch black save for the fire light, I ran for a hose. Too short. Ran to grab another one and started shooting water at the burning box.

My mind was aspin, do I wake my kids? Do I call the fire dept? Do I start screaming? My focus was clear and dedicated: get the fire out. About ten minutes into it I could feel water coming from my neighbor's yard and I said: "Are you there?" He said: "Yes". Then I heard him call to his family: "Get out of the house". Was I supposed to say that too? Mark let me know he called the fire department. We were scared. It was our first fire, individually and together. Back to my head chatter: Was this a bad move? Did I compromise the health and safety of my family, my neighbors, my block? I sat with those questions for a while.

We got the fire out. I went to wake my kids as the sirens drew close. Seven firemen answered the call, I spoke with the Battalion Chief. It was still really dark. One of them brought a chainsaw and I greeted him with "Shred it!" We all wanted to make sure there was no further risk.

I wrote the manufacturer ( cc'd my neighbor, my electrician and my insurance broker) a few hours later with this gentle question: "Does this happen periodically?" Nick explained this to be a very serious matter, not a common occurrence per se, and due to the Battalion Chief determining it not to be a connection issue that it seems to indeed be internal. Possibly a manufacturing error. And yes, I am covered under warranty.

We discussed at length my options, our next steps and exactly how I would set up the new unit. Nick will send a team to collect all the debris so they can investigate. Then we will be able to assess damages and outline repairs.

I consider myself a visionary of sorts, especially when it comes to designing my life. "Spa Livin' in San Rafael" is posted on our garden slider as we aim to provide luxury for any who cross our threshold.

These moments in life, where we share the scary truth, can really give us a glimpse into the people we have become. Accidents happen. They can be determined good or bad, maybe even neutral. How we express ourselves is a signature.

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