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Outside the Box

"I go into the package and UPS will send me anywhere."

I received a text from my daughter the other day: "Mom, I can send myself anywhere." My thoughtful response: "What?" She clarifies: "I go into the package and UPS will pick me up and send me anywhere." I say again, thoughtfully: "Omg. Do not send yourself to Tahiti." And I receive: "I am already on my way. I'll send you a postcard. Okay. Love you bye."

Yes, she had me laughing all day.

I spent this evening with Mary and Sara. My New Old friends. We met years ago in a hot yoga room. A place where we connected and realized and felt ourselves 'in the moment'. Some of us our lucky enough to find that space outside the tug and pull and need of our immediate 'others'. A place where we can grow ourselves by going deep inside and uncovering truth, way beneath the layers of *#$!!?//*x that can weigh us down. Daily and maybe weekly ritual, where you meet someone regularly and only know them in that place. Special indeed. There is a freedom to be authentic, maybe uncovered, because we have less a responsibility to 'other' as we consciously choose ourselves. Getting REAL is necessary and super challenging. Especially today, when we are surrounded by immediate distraction. I once invited students to consider their attachment to failure. How we set our minds on outcome so readily with language similar to: "I can't do this." We predispose ourselves and lose genuine wonder in the moment. Stale and boring and quite easily repeated if not recognized.

Tonight we met to explore nutrition and the healing food can offer. Yum! We mapped more avenues to well being and we tasted the power of together in a new way. We hear it all the time: community, gratitude, generosity. How are you living and practicing these qualities in your life?

In conversation and thought, I captured my desire to LIVE outside my box. The one I spent the last five decades constructing. I want OUT. As I let go of a real pattern of holding on, I am inviting and receiving 'amazing' through wonderful human influence everywhere. This is happening. (And just to be clear, I am trusting big time right now, I am in major flux and it is far from comforting. I am 'going with the flow' as Nature provides. New for me and way more fun than I could have imagined. My trick? I am doing two things: 1. Resisting worry and 2. Not thinking. Hilarious right? All I can say is this: "It's possible".

We are unlimited. Know that. We have powerful ability. Our bodies alone are beautiful testimony. Even if you are struggling physically and are challenged with disease, keep seeking, the solutions exist, I promise. The magic of us is real. We need connection through touch and sight and gentle language. Keep good company and grow your awareness through others. This too can be as healing as the food we eat.

In connection we inspire.

Knowing yourself is a critical component. I have hidden in plain sight often, may have even mastered it. Holding my fear in one hand (clenched fist) I have stepped forward. The choice is mine, every step of the way and I do not care how long it takes me. The fact I did it and will continue to do so is all that matters to me.

Break out and BE.

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