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This is what life does, it gets me to sign up for online courses that will teach me more about myself. Because my kids are home 24/7 I choose UK class times so I am learning in the middle of the night without distraction.

This is what life does, I am now discovering what is most important because it seems that whatever I was doing before held little value. How is that possible? I have no idea really and then I just remember that a few months ago it seemed easier to not really care. Maybe I was too busy?

This is what life does, it puts me in a three day course that lights me up and carries me forward. It then brings me to a monthly writing family and introduces me to the phrase "Makers Mind" which holds that the act of creating is everything.

This is what life does, it brings you home.

This is what life does, it shows you how to express yourself. You get to choose, always. It gives you opportunities. All you have to do is LISTEN.

This is what life does, it brings a man into your life that makes you feel whole: cherished, sexy, passionate and desired. Then takes him away. It is with that loss that you are given a chance to draw your attention inward to cultivate a deeper knowing.

This is what life does, it challenges you to grow and maybe you decide to stay small.

This is what life does, it gives you a reason to visit the bank after nine weeks of SiP to find a whole new world out there. What used to take ten minutes now takes two hours. Lines of people, each 6 ft apart, wrap around buildings. Everyone is masked and gloved, guided by security guards, signs, stanchions and blue tape. A man behind you muffles out loud: "If this is our new normal we are in trouble".

This is what life does, it shows you how adaptable you can be. Just think about it, all the times you succumbed to whatever was happening, big or small, brought it in and held it close, even if you hated it. You made it yours. Amazing.

This is what life does, it keeps you ordering a food service delivery because you think healthy cuisine (prepared by another) will nourish you in this time of pandemic. Yet now you are dreading the deliveries. Wishing they would stop because you no longer like the food. It has lost its "YUM" and it now tastes boring. Last week you pressed 'skip delivery' and two days later in a supposed starving panic you doubled your order. Last night, finally, you cancel your subscription. The fact it will not take effect for one week is no matter because now it is DONE.

This is what life does, it brings you an idea that thrills you to your toes.

This is what life does in the midst of a pandemic, it finally gets you through to Best Buy customer service so you can investigate your missing refund from January. She is so kind and gentle as she explains you need another department, she gives you the SAME phone number you just dialed and says please ask for "Primary Support". As you write this you realize you have been on hold for two hours and 17 minutes. The music is deafening.

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