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Can you hear it? Is it in fact yours? Listen close. Determine who is speaking to you throughout the day. It absolutely matters.

I took my kids to see Berkeley Repertory Theater's production of Lucas Hnath's "A Doll's House Part 2" last night. Nora says to Torvald, near the end of the play, that she could not hear her voice. After 'slamming the door' on their marriage and family , she spent two years alone, to rid herself of those voices that did not belong. Eventually, she could hear herself.

How many voices do you have speaking to you daily? There are so many aspects to consider: male, female, positive, negative, useful, harmful, inspiring, debilitating...etc

The influence is great. Once we get in there and really feel what is behind most of our actions, we can begin to shift.

I am not likely to leave my kids and go yurt it out for 24 months to find my voice. I KNOW I can do it here, where I am. Recognition is a key to transformation. And I am on a dedicated path to know myself. Truly, madly, deeply.

My struggle is criticism. THAT VOICE always saying "stupid, stupid, stupid". I can tell you, nobody said that to me growing up. It is something I generated. It came out of my insecure place, that never thinking I was good enough piece I seemed to carry around forever. (UGH)

A friend told me once: "You know how your kids are miracles? Well you are as well." (yes, I cried.) I also read recently that 'thinking' I am a miracle, knowing I am a miracle can do wonders for our attitude. Try it: "I am a miracle of being." We are, life is precious. We are living magic. Let's start acting like it.

I know how to support my kids with positive. So I can do the same toward myself.

No longer do I want to stand in my way. My fear is real and it is a stepping stone to

my strength. Every single day I have opportunities to push through my scared and find truth in action. This is happening.

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